Baptism & Declaring of Faith

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Public Declaration of Christian Faith (Baptism - Transforming New Birth)

The New Testament has Jesus mentoring the Way by coming to John the Baptist asking John to baptize Him. It is a living picture how Jesus identified himself with John and with us as sinners. He taught us to turn our lives over to God through true faith. He identified with His true earthly mission and His Father-God. The Father identified Himself with His son, Jesus. The dove and a voice from heaven declared Him to be His beloved son of God.

Thus, as a results the New Testament Christians identified the beginning of their Christian journey by being baptized. It became a public declaration of the new life and a testimony to all. The scripture records that Jesus did not baptize anyone with water but with, as John declared, "with fire and the Spirit." Therefore, we conclude that its symbolic meaning has a far deeper more spiritual meaning.

Obviously, we cannot do water baptism of any kind online. Therefore, we encourage new Christians to engage in this opportunity in a local church. As an online church we do offer the opportunity of your name and testimony to be posted on this page as an online way for you to make a public declaration of your faith to the globe. All Christians are invited. Especially if you are not in a location or have physical limitation related to being baptize. You are welcome to post your name and testimony on this page as a symbol of your life in Christ. Just email a document, audio, or video/audio of your brief testimony and we will be glad to post it. Just send your information to giving permission to post it on this page.