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Biblical Leadership Institute - The Online School
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Additional Mobile Class Information

Biblical Leader Institute is a comprehensive online offering of courses for Christian, Biblical, and practical leadership training for those searching for knowledge. It is for the new and the seasoned Christian, strengthening faith and encouraging life.

All are invited to connect with Biblical Leadership Institute to receive the numbers of mobile courses available from BLI. Connecting with BLI makes all the courses available at only $7.00 monthly. Sign up on the web page.

It lists all of the mobile courses offered on Faithlife Equip along with the courses of Sampson Resources and those produced by Biblical Leadership Institute.

Faithlife Streaming TV

Associate Members and Members of 3Streams Church have the availability of the mobile classes of Faithlife Equip and the movies, documentaries, and family programs of Faithlife Streams as a free service. A password will be provided from Faithlife Equip after you join 3Streams Church. In addition, you can use the password to access the Logos Bible software. You may register with Biblical Leadership Institute, BLI, to receive credit certification for courses or a program of study.

Right Now Media

Dr. Brain Stowe, pastor of First Baptist Church, explains the service offered by Right Now Media. You may purchase this service. BLI will provide certification for courses in their school. There are both mobile education classes and movies for the entire family. Members of First Baptist Plant City and some churches offer this as a free service. 3Streams Church offers the Faith Life Streaming TV as a free service.

LifeWay Explore the Bible Teaching Materials

Temporarily, members of First Baptist Plant City have the opportunity to receive the Explore the Bible Sunday School materials online. If you are a member of FBC, you may download the materials. Others may review it and see if it is a resource you would like to have. If you would like to receive it, you may subscribe to the service or contact 3Streams Church and we will consider making it available continually.

Explore the Bible: Lesson #7 7/19 (Living Wisely)

Explore the Bible: Lesson #8 7/26 (Pleasing God)

Bible Studies for Life: Lesson #1 7/19 (How Should I respond to Politics)

Bible Studies for Life: Lesson #1 7/26 (We are Joined Together)