Christian Mental Health Coaching

Many people are dealing with discouragement and depression today. Obviously, in today's world pressures from job loss, changing life styles, prejudice, lost opportunities, staying at home lifestyle, and illness has contributed to this difficulty. Below you will find a blog from a Christian mental health therapist with helps to encourage you for life and living.

Dr. Johnny Hunt is a pastor of one of the largest churches, Woodstock, GA, and has some tremendous insights and experience in the subject of discouragement, depression, and even suicide. The following is a message he spoke to his congregation. Dr. Johnny Hunt, Message on Depression

As always, the greatest encouragement is becoming a Christian and giving your life to Jesus Christ. His Word, combined with the Holy Spirit, helps us live victoriously. We have people at www.3Streams.Today that can provide support and encouragement. Check out the resources below and email or text us for additional support and information.