3 Streams Church

Our Mission: Increasing Faith and Encouraging the Heart. 3Streams Church Mission is to reach the people groups wherever they are, sharing the Gospel with them, and connecting them in a partnership with local churches, connecting, reaching and building relationships with people and local churches through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our online is launched from our home base in West-Central Florida, Plant City's Eastern Hillsborough and Lakeland's Western Polk County Central Florida near Tampa. Now reaching all over the globe. Pastor Mike Holland, Ahava Baptist Church, provides the primary sponsorship with an encouragement and support of all thirty-two churches of the Plant City's Shiloh Baptist Association.

3Streams has listed a page on the web site with all of the churches' live or recorded worship services and their individual web sites for simple access. This online church encourages members and guests to be active in their local church. Some churches of like faith may be shared on a separate web page to connect followers to churches near them in various areas of interest.

3Streams web site has several pages providing information and guidance on becoming a Christian. Those registering will receive helpful resources for faith and encouragement for Christian life. Also 3Streams offers online mobile courses for the new or seasoned Christian to help you grow in faith and encourage you in life's journey.

Giving: All gifts to 3 Streams Church on the web or through the mail are tax deductible. Fifty percent of all gifts goes to missions with the remaining going primarily for the operation and promotion of the online church. A record of contributions is always available online and a statement of your total annual gifts will be emailed to you on January 15. Thank you for your gifts to your online church.

Missions Support:

3Streams Church gives 10% of its non-designated gifts to the Cooperative Program, which supports missionaries nationally and internationally, and 5% of its gifts to the mission of the local Baptist Churches. The remaining 35% of the missions budget goes to the mission projects of helping people come to know Jesus as Savior and helping them get through their struggles. Our Peoples Life Institute organization was founded in 2013 for that purpose. It is at work in the local west central area of Florida.

International Missions

North American Missions

Florida Missions

West Central Florida & Plant City, Florida Missions